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Extend API Core Tutorials

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You can find all of the Switchvox Extend tutorials in Documentation -> Tutorials. Below is a listing of the tutorials that focus on using the Extend API Core Methods.

Interact with the Extend API using WGET

This tutorial shows a user how to use the popular command line tool wget to send xml files to the Extend API and look at the XML responses. This is a great tutorial to test all the Core Methods straight from the command line.

Add a "Let Us Call You" feature to your website using the Extend API and AJAX

This tutorial shows a user how to use add a box on their website that allows visitors to type in their phone number and have their Switchvox PBX call them back on the phone. It is recommended to have some background in PHP and Javascript for this tutorial.This tutorial focuses on using the method.

Uploading a voicemail greeting to the Extend API using cURL

This tutorial describes how to use the popular cURL commandline tool to upload a voicemail greeting using the Switchvox Extend API. I wrote a very similar tutorial a while back called Interacting with the Extend API using Wget. cURL is very similar to Wget, but is a little better at uploading files, which is why I choose to use it for this tutorial. cURL can be found on most Linux systems, and can also be downloaded for all major operating systems. For more information on cURL, see Wikipedia.