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Ruby Interface for the Switchvox Extend API

If you love to program in Ruby, then you are in luck because a community developer just released a RubyGem for interacting with the Switchvox API. Its 100% ruby and it only has one gem dependency (json).

You can download the library and read the forum post from our Client Libraries Page

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4.5 Released - Over 60 new Switchvox API Calls

I hope everyone is enjoying all the new features that came out in 4.5 last week. Along with all the new features, came a bunch of new API calls that our developers can take advantage of for developing cool integrations with Switchvox. Below is a list of over 60 new API calls and descriptions of what they do. For more information on each call just visit our Developers Wiki for descriptions and example XML requests and responses for each method.

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Making Batch Requests with the Extend API

Introduced in version 18313 of the Switchvox SMB 4.0 Product is support for performing batch requests through the Extend API Core Methods. Many times developers will need to make multiple requests through the Extend API and don’t want to incur the latency of separate HTTP requests for every API method. This is where batch requests come into play. Developers can now include multiple requests into one large batch request and submit that to the Extend API and receive one batch response.

Ok enough theory, time for a real world example.
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About Versions for API Methods

Future changes to the Switchvox software will include changes and additions to the Extend API. To minimize the impact those changes could have on your integrated applications, we have added a version number to each API method. If a Switchvox software update includes significant changes to an API method, such as new required parameters or different attribute names, we will make those changes available in a new version of the method. That way, if your methods indicate a version number then you can feel free to update your Switchvox software, secure in the knowledge that your apps will continue to function normally until you have a chance to update your code to the new version of the API.
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Uploading a voicemail greeting to the Extend API using cURL

This tutorial describes how to use the popular cURL commandline tool to upload a voicemail greeting using the Switchvox Extend API.

I wrote a very similar tutorial a while back called Interacting with the Extend API using Wget. cURL is very similar to Wget, but is a little better at uploading files, which is why I choose to use it for this tutorial. cURL can be found on most Linux systems, and can also be downloaded for all major operating systems. For more information on cURL, see Wikipedia.

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Step 1: Upgrade to Latest Version

There’s a new build of Switchvox available as of this morning, rev 17487. Before tinkering with the API, upgrade to this version, it fixes some API issues discovered while building test apps and libraries. And if you don’t upgrade, the documentation isn’t going to be correct.
Here are the complete release notes:
Issues Fixed
* Fixed date format in voicemails.
* Fixed issue with wrap up time, auto logoff, least recently called, and fewest calls ring strategy in call queues.
* Fixed issue where multiple diagnostic emails would be sent to root email address of PBX MX record.
* Loosen up checking of Snom dial plan input to accept return characters from IE
* Fixed issue in call reporting with incoming analog/pri call statistics.
* Fixed issue in Dial Extension IVR action when using a variable
* Multiple fixes and additions for the API.