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5.0 Released - Over 175 new Switchvox APIs

David Podolsky
Author: David Podolsky
Article posted on June 9th, 2011

Last week we released Switchvox 5.0 that has a ton of new features and also includes over 175 new Switchvox API calls. Switchvox developers can use these new API calls to build applications that integrate their Switchvox PBX with the rest of their business applications. Below is a list of the new API calls and descriptions of what they are used for. For more information on each call just visit our Developers Wiki for full descriptions, parameter details, and example requests and responses for each method.

  • switchvox.extensions.getInfo - Retrieve simple information about extensions.
  • switchvox.extensions.getVoicemailInfo - Gets the voicemail/fax disk usage information for every phone extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.search - Search extensions and retrieve simple extension information.
  • switchvox.extensions.checkConflicts - Check for any unwated conflicts with a new extension number.
Extensions Agent Log In/Out
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogIn.add - Add an Agent Log In extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogIn.getInfo - Get details about an Agent Log In extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogIn.remove - Remove an Agent Log In extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogIn.update - Update an Agent Log In extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogOut.add - Add an Agent Log Out extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogOut.getInfo - Get details about an Agent Log Out extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogOut.remove - Remove an Agent Log Out extension
  • switchvox.extensions.agentLogOut.update - Update an Agent Log Out extension
Extensions Call Parking
  • switchvox.extensions.callParking.add - Create a call parking extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.callParking.getInfo - Retrieve information about a call parking extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.callParking.remove - Remove a call parking extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.callParking.update - Update a call parking extension.
Extensions Call Queues
  • switchvox.extensions.callQueues.add - Create a Call Queue extension
  • switchvox.extensions.callQueues.getInfo - Get details about a Call Queue extension
  • switchvox.extensions.callQueues.remove - Delete a Call Queue extension
  • switchvox.extensions.callQueues.update - Update a Call Queue extension
  • switchvox.extensions.callQueues.members.add - Add members to an existing Call Queue
  • switchvox.extensions.callQueues.members.remove - Remove members from an existing Call Queue
Extensions Simple and Meetme Conferencing
  • switchvox.extensions.meetMeConference.add - Create a meet me conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.meetMeConference.getInfo - Retrieve information about a meet me conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.meetMeConference.remove - Remove an meet me conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.meetMeConference.update - Update a meet me conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.simpleConferenceRoom.add - Create a simple conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.simpleConferenceRoom.getInfo - Retrieve information about a simple conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.simpleConferenceRoom.remove - Remove an simple conference room extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.simpleConferenceRoom.update - Update a simple conference room extension.
Extensions Dialtone
  • switchvox.extensions.dialTone.add - Create a dial tone extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.dialTone.getInfo - Retrieve information about a dial tone extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.dialTone.remove - Remove a dial tone extension.
Extensions Directory
  • switchvox.extensions.directory.add - Create a directory extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.directory.getInfo - Retrieve information about a directory extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.directory.remove - Remove a directory extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.directory.update - Update a directory extension.
Extensions Feature Codes
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.callMonitoring.add - Create a call monitoring feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.callMonitoring.getInfo - Retrieve information about a call monitoring feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.callMonitoring.remove - Delete a call monitoring feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.directedPickup.add - Create a directed pickup feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.directedPickup.getInfo - Retrieve information about a directed pickup feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.directedPickup.remove - Delete a directed pickup feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.fax.add - Create a fax feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.fax.getInfo - Retrieve information about a fax feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.fax.remove - Delete a fax feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.fax.update - Update a fax feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.goToVoicemail.add - Add a go to voicemail feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.goToVoicemail.getInfo - Gte details about a go to voicemail feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.goToVoicemail.remove - Remove a go to voicemail feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.personalIntercom.add - Create a personal intercom feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.personalIntercom.getInfo - Retrieve information about a personal intercom feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.personalIntercom.remove - Delete a personal intercom feature code
  • switchvox.extensions.featureCodes.personalIntercom.update - Update a personal intercom feature code
Extensions Group Pickup
  • switchvox.extensions.groupPickup.add - Create a group pickup extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.groupPickup.getInfo - Retrieve information about a group pickup extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.groupPickup.remove - Remove a group pickup extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.groupPickup.update - Update a group pickup extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.intercom.add - Create an intercom extension.
Extensions Intercom
  • switchvox.extensions.intercom.getInfo - Retrieve information about an intercom extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.intercom.remove - Remove an intercom extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.intercom.update - Update an intercom extension.
Extensions IVRs
  • switchvox.extensions.ivr.add - Create an IVR extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.ivr.getInfo - Retrieve information about an IVR extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.ivr.menus.getList - Get a list of IVR extensions.
  • switchvox.extensions.ivr.remove - Remove an IVR extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.ivr.update - Update an IVR extension.
Extensions Phones (Sip,Analog,Virtual)
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.attachImage - Attach a profile image to an extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.bulk.upload - Create extensions in bulk from a CSV file.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.outgoingCallRules.add - Attach a list of outgoing call rules to a list of phone accounts.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.outgoingCallRules.remove - Remove a list of outgoing call rules from a list of phone accounts.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.sip.add - Create a SIP extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.sip.update - Update a SIP extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.virtual.update - Update a virtual extension.
Extension Templates
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.template.getInfo - Get detailed information about a phone template.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.template.getList - Get a list of phone templates
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.template.add - Create an extension template
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.template.update - Update an extension template
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.template.remove - Remove an extension template
Extension Voicemail Access
  • switchvox.extensions.voicemailAccess.add - Create a voicemail extension
  • switchvox.extensions.voicemailAccess.getInfo - Retrieve information about a voicemail extension
  • switchvox.extensions.voicemailAccess.remove - Remove a voicemail extension
  • switchvox.extensions.voicemailAccess.update - Update a voicemail extension
Extension Groups
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.getList - Returns a list of all extension groups on the system.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.remove - Remove an extension group.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.members.add - Add members to an extension group.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.members.update - Update the position of members within a group.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.members.remove - Remove members from an extension group.
Call Reports, Queue Reports, Queue Logs
  • switchvox.callReports.did.search - Generate a call report based on incoming DID specific search parameters.
  • switchvox.callQueueLogs.search - Generate a call queue log based on search parameters.
  • switchvox.callQueueMemberLogs.search - Generate a call queue member log based on the report parameters.
  • switchvox.callQueueMissedCalls.getList - Get a list of missed calls based on call uniqueid.
  • switchvox.callQueueReports.search - Generate a call queue report based on specific search parameters.
  • switchvox.callQueueMemberReports.search - Generate a call queue member report based on specific search parameters.
  • switchvox.callQueues.getCurrentStatus - Get a list of all members of a queue and their current status. Also get a listing of all the current callers waiting in the queue and their current status.
Outgoing Call Rules
  • switchvox.outgoingCallRules.getList - Returns a list of outgoing call rules available in the system.‭
  • switchvox.outgoingCallRules.getInfo - Returns detailed information about a specific call rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallRules.add - Adds new outgoing call rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallRules.update - Updates existing outgoing call rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallRules.remove - Removes an existing call rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallRules.checkConflicts - Check for any conflicts with the PBX that a new call rule may create.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallDiagnostics.update - Updates the outgoing call diagnostic field.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallDiagnostics.getInfo - Returns outgoing call diagnostic value.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallerIdRules.add - Add new caller id rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallerIdRules.update - Updates caller id rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallerIdRules.remove - Deletes a caller id rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallerIdRules.getList - Returns a list of all existing caller id rules.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallerIdRules.getInfo - Returns information about a particular caller id rule.
  • switchvox.outgoingCallerIdRules.search - Returns information about caller id rules based on criteria entered.
Incoming DID Routes
  • switchvox.incomingDidRoutes.add - Add new incoming DID route.
  • switchvox.incomingDidRoutes.update - Updates an existing incoming DID route.
  • switchvox.incomingDidRoutes.remove - Deletes an existing DID route.
  • switchvox.incomingDidRoutes.getList - Returns a list of all existing incoming DID routes.
  • switchvox.incomingDidRoutes.getInfo - Returns information about a particular incoming DID route.
  • switchvox.incomingDidRoutes.search - Returns information about incoming DID routes based on criteria entered.
System Status
  • switchvox.status.voipProviders.getList - Returns a list of voip providers and their registration status.
  • switchvox.status.phones.getList - Returns a list of all phones and their registration status.
  • switchvox.status.telephonyCards.getList - Returns a list of devices and the status of each device channel.
System Settings
  • switchvox.systemClock.getInfo - Returns the current time and timezone of the PBX.
  • switchvox.diskUsage.getInfo - Gets disk usage information.
Swithvox Updates
  • switchvox.updates.getRenewalDate - Gets the subscription expiration date.
  • switchvox.updates.download - Download an available update
  • switchvox.updates.apply - Apply a downloaded update
Phone Configuration
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.update - Update a phone
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.bulk.update - Update the state of a list of phones
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.reboot - Reboot one or more phones
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.configured.additionalLines.getList - Gets a list of additional lines for a configured phone.
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.configured.additionalLines.update - Update an additional line for a configured phone.
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.options.getInfo - Gets all the advanced phone setup options.
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.options.update - Updates the advanced phone setup options.
Scheduled Call, Queue, and Queue Member Reporting
  • switchvox.scheduler.add - Creates a recurring schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduler.getInfo - Gets information about a previously created schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduler.update - Update a recurring schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduler.remove - Remove a schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.callReports.add - Creates a scheduled call report using a predefined schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.callReports.getInfo - Gets information about a previously created scheduled call report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.callReports.getList - Get a list of all scheduled call reports on the PBX.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.callReports.update - Update a scheduled call report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.callReports.remove - Remove a scheduled call report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueReports.add - Creates a scheduled queue report using a predefined schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueReports.getInfo - Gets information about a previously created scheduled queue report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueReports.getList - Get a list of all scheduled queue reports on the PBX.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueReports.update - Update a scheduled queue report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueReports.remove - Remove a scheduled queue report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueMemberReports.add - Creates a scheduled queue member report using a predefined schedule.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueMemberReports.getInfo - Gets information about a previously created scheduled queue member report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueMemberReports.getList - Get a list of all scheduled queue member reports on the PBX.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueMemberReports.update - Update a scheduled queue member report.
  • switchvox.scheduledReports.queueMemberReports.remove - Remove a scheduled queue member report.
Parking Lots Get List
  • switchvox.parkingLots.getList - Get a list of all currently parked calls
Call Recordings
  • switchvox.callRecordings.settings.getInfo - Get settings related to call recordings
  • switchvox.callRecordings.settings.update - Update settings related to call recordings
  • switchvox.callRecordings.scheduledRecordings.getList - Get a list of schedules used to record calls
  • switchvox.callRecordings.scheduledRecordings.add - Add a new schedule to record calls
  • switchvox.callRecordings.scheduledRecordings.update - Update a schedule used to record calls
  • switchvox.callRecordings.scheduledRecordings.remove - Remove a schedule used to record calls
  • switchvox.callRecordings.recordedCalls.remove - Remove a recorded call
Admin Converged Devices
  • switchvox.convergedDevices.search - Find out if a number passed in belongs to a converged device
  • switchvox.convergedDevices.getList - Get a list of all converged devices on the system
Admin Account Management
  • switchvox.admins.getList - Return a list of all admin accounts in the system.
  • switchvox.admins.getInfo - Retrieve information about an admin account.
  • switchvox.admins.add - Create a new admin account.
  • switchvox.admins.update - Update an admin account.
  • switchvox.admins.remove - Remove an admin account.
  • switchvox.admins.accessPermissions.getInfo - Retrieve the list of access permissions associated with an admin account.
  • switchvox.admins.accessPermissions.update - Update the access permissions associated with an admin account.
  • switchvox.backups.directories.getList - Get a list and info about all the directories available for backing up
  • switchvox.backups.directories.getInfo - Retrieves all information of specific directory, including size
User Settings
  • switchvox.users.cookies.getPassword - This method fetches the token that can be set in the Cookie header of HTTPS requests for authentication. Cookie authentications is a lighter weight alternative to digest authentication on every request.
  • switchvox.users.timezone.getInfo - Fetches the timezone / current time information for a user.
  • switchvox.users.localization.update - Updates the localization setting for a user.
  • switchvox.users.phones.reboot - Reboot phones belonging to the user
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.tones.update - Update a ringtone already in user’s ringtone library
User Converged Devices
  • switchvox.users.convergedDevices.getList - Get a list of your converged devices.
  • switchvox.users.convergedDevices.add - Add a converged device.
  • switchvox.users.convergedDevices.update - Update a converged device.
  • switchvox.users.convergedDevices.remove - Remove a
  • switchvox.users.convergedDevices.authorize -
  • switchvox.users.convergedDevices.deauthorize -
  • switchvox.users.extensionGroups.getList - Get a list of user viewable extension groups.

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