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4.5 Released - Over 60 new Switchvox API Calls

David Podolsky
Author: David Podolsky
Article posted on January 28th, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying all the new features that came out in 4.5 last week. Along with all the new features, came a bunch of new API calls that our developers can take advantage of for developing cool integrations with Switchvox. Below is a list of over 60 new API calls and descriptions of what they do. For more information on each call just visit our Developers Wiki for descriptions and example XML requests and responses for each method.

  • switchvox.extensions.phones.sip.add - Create a SIP extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.sip.update - Update a SIP extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.virtual.add - Create a virtual extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.virtual.update - Update a virtual extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.getVoicemailInfo - Gets the voicemail/fax disk usage information for every phone extension.
  • switchvox.extensions.phones.attachImage - Attach a profile image to an extension.
Extension Groups
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.getInfo - Get extension group information and a list of extensions it contains.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.add - Add a new extension group.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.update - Update an extension group.
  • switchvox.extensionGroups.remove - Remove an extension group.
Current Calls
  • switchvox.currentCalls.getList - Returns a list of all in-progress calls on the system.
  • switchvox.currentCalls.hangUp - Hangs up the specified call.
SNMP Settings
  • switchvox.snmpSettings.getInfo - Get the SNMP settings
  • switchvox.snmpSettings.update - Change the SNMP settings
Phone Configuration
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.getList - Gets a list of all phones
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.reboot - Reboot one or more phones
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.configured.additionalLines.getList - Gets a list of additional lines for a configured phone.
  • switchvox.phoneSetup.phones.configured.additionalLines.update - Update an additional line for a configured phone.
IVR Distinctive Ring Hints
  • switchvox.ivr.distinctiveRingHints.getList - Get all IVR distinctive ring hints.
  • switchvox.ivr.distinctiveRingHints.add - Adds an IVR distinctive ring hint.
  • switchvox.ivr.distinctiveRingHints.remove - Removes an IVR distinctive ring hint.
New Call Creation Settings
  • switchvox.call - Creates a call in the system between two extensions or external numbers.
  • switchvox.localization.getInfo - Gets the localization setting for an admin.
  • switchvox.localization.update - Updates the localization setting for an admin.
Distinctive Ringing
  • switchvox.distinctiveRing.tones.add - Upload and add a WAV to the admin’s (system-wide) ringtone library
  • switchvox.distinctiveRing.tones.getFile - Get the URL of a ringtone from the admin’s library
  • switchvox.distinctiveRing.tones.getList - List all available ringtones in the admin’s library
  • switchvox.distinctiveRing.tones.remove - Remove a ringtone from the admin’s library
  • switchvox.distinctiveRing.tones.update - Update a ringtone already in the admin’s library
Profile Images
  • switchvox.images.add - Upload an image.
  • switchvox.images.getFile - Gets a list of URLs to where you can download various sizes of the image.
  • switchvox.images.remove - Delete an image and remove any references to it.
  • switchvox.images.updateCrop - Update the cropping of an image.
Realtime Parking Lot Information
  • switchvox.parkingLots.getList - Get a list of all currently parked calls
User Localization
  • switchvox.users.timezone.getInfo - Fetches the timezone / current time information for a user.
  • switchvox.users.localization.getInfo - Gets the localization setting for a user.
  • switchvox.users.localization.update - Updates the localization setting for a user.
User Phones
  • switchvox.users.phones.getList - Gets a list of all phones belonging to the user
  • switchvox.users.phones.reboot - Reboot phones belonging to the user
User Phonebooks
  • switchvox.users.phonebooks.getList - Gets the list of phonebooks for a user.
  • switchvox.users.phonebooks.getInfo - Get the details and entries for a phonebook
  • switchvox.users.phonebooks.entry.getInfo - Get the details of a single phonebook entry
User Profile Images
  • switchvox.users.profile.images.add - Upload a new profile image.
  • switchvox.users.profile.images.attach - Attach a profile image to an account.
  • switchvox.users.profile.images.getFile - Retrieve a list of URLs for the different sizes of the image.
  • switchvox.users.profile.images.remove - Delete a profile image and remove references to it.
  • switchvox.users.profile.images.updateCrop - Update the cropping of a profile image.
User Phone Configuration Options
  • switchvox.users.phoneOptions.getInfo - Gets the phone options for a user.
  • switchvox.users.phoneOptions.update - Updates a users phone options.
User Realtime Current Calls
  • switchvox.users.currentCalls.getList - Gets a list of current calls for a user
  • switchvox.users.currentCalls.startRecording - Record a call
  • switchvox.users.currentCalls.stopRecording - stop recording a call
User Distinctive Ringing
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.getList - Get a list of all rules and conditions for a specific account.
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.add - Begin adding a distinctive ring rule
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.update - Make changes to an existing distinctive ring rule
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.remove - Remove an existing distinctive ring rule
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.conditions.add - Add a condition to a specific rule.
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.conditions.update - Update a condition.
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.rules.conditions.remove - Remove a condition.
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.tones.add - Upload and add a WAV to user’s ringtone library
  • switchvox.users.distinctiveRing.tones.getFile - Get the URL of a ringtone from the user’s or admin’s library

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